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Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together for children of incarcerated parents

Growing and Inspiring, Resilient Leaders (GIRL)


Growing & Inspiring Resilient Leaders (G.I.R.L) Power, is a free, weekly group mentoring program designed to support the under-served needs of girls aged 9-13 years old with a parent or family member that has been in conflict with the law. Specifically, our program is aimed to build self-esteem, provide peer support, and foster the development of positive female leaders in our community. Currently, the program is offered from 4-7pm at Ephraim’s Place Community Centre in North York and at the Franklin Horner Community Centre in South Etobicoke.


Our program offers girls:

Pink HeartA safe and encouraging environment to receive support, learn and grow. During our Girls’ Chat, girls share thoughts, feelings and experiences, help empower each other and learn healthy coping strategies.

Pink HeartThe opportunity to connect with other girls and mentors who have similar life experiences and have fun together in sports, arts, and cooking!

Pink HeartTo receive help with homework, set goals and work with mentors to achieve them.

Pink HeartTo participate in self-esteem activities that help to boost confidence and pride in being a girl.

Pink HeartEducational excursions and mentoring trips that highlight the endless opportunities for females.

Pink HeartThe opportunity to be leaders. Working together with mentors, our girls plan, organize and deliver projects to make a difference in their local and international communities.


Our program has shown to help our girls by:

Blue HeartIncreasing self-esteem and confidence

Blue HeartReducing feelings of loneliness, shame and social isolation

Blue HeartImproving school grades and attendance

Blue HeartIncreasing the use of healthy coping strategies

Blue HeartReducing antisocial attitudes and behaviours


To learn more about our program, to become a mentor or to register, please call Jessica Reid at 647-627-1171 or  by email at